Developmental Programs (DP) was created as an outlet for children interested in sports. It is for this reason, our athletic basketball program, Developmental Basketball League (DBL), was formed; we also have our AAU TEAM, KREATION.

Sports is an event that brings joy and excitement to children and families involved. It can also be used as a disciplinary tool for parents.  During our youth basketball season, it is mandated that coaches take time to discuss sportsmanship, being a team player, dressing appropriately, and most importantly, having discipline in the educational institution, as well as, at home.  Participating players are also taught the meaning of "family" and "respect".  However, parents are an important part in ensuring DBL players are and remain good student athletes. 

Today is the mark of new world challenges.   We believe our youth must be well prepared to compete in tommorrow's market.  That includes employment, athletics, and social interacting.  However, they must be "taught," guided, and given the utmost attention from our legal institutions. We must also ensure they are given the assistance and moral support needed to endure the obstacles that awaits them.  By creating an athletic program, we have attempted to assist our future generation with some of its hurdles.  (DP) mission is we are "here to serve" the needs of the youth in the community through athletics, educational, and preventive methods.